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Create High Quality Backlinks from Wikipedia 100% Genuine

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There are mainly two types of backlinks
1. Do-Follow Backlink
2. No-Follow Backlink

To know more about Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks Click Here

    Method 1:-

Steps to create Backlinks from Wikipedia
1. Open your browser
2. Visit
3. Create an account on wikipedia
4. Open new tab in your browser
5. Visit webfx
6. Enter and search the key words from your website posts

7. After result is displayed click on dead links and open the link which has your keyword related and at the end it should be written wikipedia in the new tab.

8. Press ctrl+F and search for Dead and edit the permanent dead link shown on the page and add your website url by removing the previous link and then save changes.

    Method 2:-

1. Open your browser
2. Visit
3. Create an account of wikipedia
4. Search a topic from your website posts
5. Read the post on wikipedia
6. Edit the post and write something related and add url of your website page.
7. Click on save changes and you are done.

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