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How to Generate Backlinks for Blogger 100% free and Genuine

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What is Backlinks-?

Backlinks is the way by which we can gain maximum traffic to our sites. Backlinks is the part of SEO which is Search Engine Optimization. This backlinks are very usefull to get long term traffic to our website for free. Backlinks has two types.
1. Do-Follow Backlink
2. No-Follow Backlink

This both backlinks are very important, if you use only one backlink whether that is Do-Follow or whether that is No-Follow backlinks, it will won't work properly, and also there is chances to block or terminate your account. You should make a combination of 80% of Do-Follow Backlink and 20% of No-Follow backlinks.

How to create Backlinks-?

1. Copy the website page url
2. Create an html code by using the url, as shown in the below image
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3. After creating this, post it to the comments of the blogger websites of your categories on the google.
4. And you are done you will get the traffic on your website with in 24 hrs.
5. This is Do-Follow Backlink.

How to create No-Follow Backlink-?

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Where to use Do-Follow Backlinks-?

There is the two places where we have to use Do-Follow Backlinks.
1. In the comments of the blogger websites to gain traffic from the websites.
2. If you want to help the websites of which your using on your posts, then you can add a Do-Follow link, but if you don't want to google visit to there website from that link, in that case you can add No-Follow link.

How Do-follow Backlinks actually works-?

If you want traffic from the other sites, you should create a Do-Follow Backlinks and post to the comments of the blogger websites, when the google will crawl the website of that person it will also visit to our website by your links to crawl it, because it is Do-Follow link you have posted. But if you post No-Follow links, then the google will ignore your links.

How No-Follow Backlinks actually works-?

If Google is crawling the site, if No-Follow links are present google will ignore it and never visit to your website from that website where the link is posted.


Before you posting the backlinks to the blogger website you should must check that the site has a good DA & PA. DA means Domain Authority and PA means Page Authority.

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