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SEO Tutorial

SEO is an algorithm by which websites rank on the search engine or shown on the search engine very easily, search engine means like GOOGLE, Bing, Yahoo etc.., Seo full form is (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION).
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Algorithm of seo keeps on changing time-to-time because of un-usual activities.
For example:- Assume that only few people know the seo perfectly and other don't know that which is the best way to perform seo, then only that few people will rank on the search engines and others can't.
Seo is the competition in which people perform seo on the sites to rank on the top of the search engines. Seo is the very important to run websites.

How to perform seo on website?

There are some point you have to make sure on your website.
Website Quality
Headings & Sub-Headings
Search Description
Social Media
Back Links
Search Engine Submission

1. How to create a quality website?

To create a quality website make sure in your website has
1. Good Interface
                    Attractive Home Page
                    Better Colours
                    Mobile Accesibility
                    Feel free to read and understand
                    Everything should be clean and clear
                    Show some pages to suggest like (Popular posts, Top comments with answers, User Opinion etc..,)
2. Good Loading Speed
                    If you surf internet am sure you visited unlimited number of websites and you observed that some websites load very slow and some are very fast. so your website should be very fast to load, it is one of the plus point to rank on search engine.
3. Menu Bar
                    You have to add an menu bar on the home-page with well organized with your your website topics, you can also use drop-down buttons to the menu's.

Also that menu bar should be shown on your posts pages.

4. Lables
                      Show labels of your existing posts and pages on the posts.

5. Social Media Links
                    Add your social media account links.

6. Sharing Options
                    Use social media sharing links to the pages and posts or ask them to share your content.
7. Contact Form
                    This will also very usefull to collect mail addressess. If your don't know the use of mail addressess collection, i would like to tell you that mail addressess are used in Affiliate Marketing.

8. About Author or About us or About me

9. Author Description

10. Comment Box

11. Registered Domain

12. Website Security
                      You have to set your website at https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), By default it may be saved as http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) you have to change it to https. If your website is on https setting then you can see it as below (Locked Symbol)

2. How to write headings & Sub-Headings?

Headings play very important roll to the sites and post, so headings should be very attractive, users must and should click on that.
There are four types of headings to use to your posts
1. Question Headings
                    In this type of headings or titles should be like asking questions.
                    Example:- What is seo, complete seo course in one month?
                                      What is the best way to learn network marketing?
                                      How to create site on blogger or wordpress?
                                      Is digital marketing changing the future?
                                      How to earn money online from home?
                                      How we can earn monthly from affiliate marketing?
2. List Headings
                    In this type of headings or titles should be added number digit before the content heading.
                    Example:- 5 best keyword research sites
                                      7 ways to earn money online no investment
                                      21 free templates for blogger
                                      11 tips to rank your website on search engine
                                      Top 20 most dangerous places on internet
                                      Top 6 seo checklist tips
                                      14 you must apply if your blogger
3. How to Headings
                    In this type of heading or titles should use (How to)
                    Example:- How to learn programming languages online
                                      How to monetize websites with google adsense
                                      How to rank my site on google
                                      How to write content on blogger post more attractively
                                      How to find best niche in affiliate marketing for more sales
4. Resource Headings
                    Resource is nothing but, if you are providing something something like course, guide, checklist etc.., then we call it has resource headings.
                    Example:- SEO checklist for blogger with all the tips updated
                                      Full guide of network marketing/affiliate marketing for beginners
                                      Learn full digital marketing online in 1 week
                                      Video editing course online for free, learn video editing in just 1 week
Sub-Headings are used after the main heading of the post.
Example:- Heading is (Digital Marketing) now write the content
                  After writing content you will write content on the points of the digital marketing like (Types of Digital Marketing)
                  Differentiate heading & sub-heading by selecting the options (Heading, Sub-Heading, Minor Heading, Major Heading) these option are in blogger, but in the wordpress your will get option like (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6).

3. How to write content?

To write best seo optimized content make sure that below points are in your content or post.
1. Attractive Title
2. Heading
3. 2-3 lines introduction of the topic
4. Main image of the post of the topic (Create your own image with free platform called
5. Sub-Heading
6. Content (You can write this as article or also in points.) if you like you can also add images too.
7. Important words should be high-lighted.
8. Minimum of 500 words should be your post. (But its better to have 1000 or more words in your posts)
9. Links added to the word of used websites names in your post.
10. Use labels for your posts.
11. Never update default permalink, Create your own permalink
12. Add search description to your post.
How to find topics of your website category to write posts?
The best way to find topics on your category is social media like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit. You have to follow some pages of the category you want and then you will start getting new unlimited topics to your website posts.

4. How to find best keywords?

To find the best keywords to your blog, website or youtube or anything else other, you can use these websites below.
1. Google Keyword Planner (Free):- Click to visit
2. Google Trends (Free):- Click to visit
3. Ahrefs (Paid):- Click to visit
4. Uber Suggest (Paid):- Click to visit
5. Keyword Tool (Free):- Click to visit

5. How to use Social Media in SEO?

What is Social Media?
Social Media is a platforms where people invest there more time. On the social media people posts there pics, there business, they likes others posts and also interact with people world-wide.

So, This is important to share our website, posts, articles, links etc.., and also add share buttons of mainly Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Instagram to the website and ask visitors to share this if you like and they will also share your products or content or service on there account and friends and groups they follows.

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