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Total Explanation Of Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is the way where companies gives advertisement to the customers by there needs and there mostly searches on the internet by tracking them with the advertising companies.

Example:- If you wanna show ads to the specific place in Mumbai, then if you give your ads on newspaper then it will cost more and it shows total Maharashtra state. But by the help of digital marketing you can show only to that specific place in the Mumbai.

Digital Marketing means marketing online on the internet. Now-a- days if you want to do a cloths business you don't need any shop you can directly sell on the internet, but stilll you want to have a shop you can get visit people to your shop by digital marketing, by google maps.

Now-a-days everything gone online on the internet. Internet is the world where you can find everything to buy, to learn, to sell etc..,you can make your business on the internet.

What are the things are in digital marketing?
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- Seo is the thing by this you can rank your websites or blogs to the top of search list on the search engine. Because, if your website or blog is on top you will get more visitors and customers to your business or what your website or blog is. Learn more

2. SMO (Social Media Optimization):- By this you can promote your business to the audience by the help of social media. Social Media like Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etcc.., These Social Media sites will drive much visitors to you in the less time. Learn more

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing):- You should get audience from social media platform, post your business to the groups of social media, create group on the social media, focus on existing customer and by help of them grab more customers to your business. Learn more

4. PPC (Pay Per Click):- We hire a advertising company to show our business ads or product ads to the search engines and if any one clicks to that advertisement then the owner should pay amount to the advertising company. Those ads have keyword bids.

5. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):- Show about your product on search engine by paying to the search engine.
Example:- If your company make shoes and you want to show ads on the search engine like Google, Bing, then for google (Google Ads) is the site where you can set how to show ad. like if anybody search for shoes on google the google should show our shoes on the top and end of the search results.

6. E-mail Marketing:- is used for communicate with the people and let them know our about our products, websites, offers, launches etc..., by using e-mail is called E-Mail Marketing.

7. Marketing Automation:- means all work is pre-organised with the time and replies. means when any message or mail arrive to the company mail then it will be replied automatically.

8. Inbound Marketing:- Making trust and let them attract to our products and services through sms, email, website links, images, content, social media and make customers is called inbound marketing.

9. Affiliate Marketing:- Sell products of companies in online and get commissions is called affiliate marketing.

10. Website Designing:- Design websites for the companies and get paid from them is called website Designing.

11. Content Writing:- When we create a blog, social media groups and write good attractive content of your products or some other companies products which is paying to you to do this work. content should be in audio, video, vision etc.., for good looking and more visits and more customers and share to the blog and social media is called content writing.

12. Apps Marketing:- Companies hire application developer and maintainer to build apps and circulate it over the internet and people download and business should get more customers.

13. Blogs Marketing:- Creating blogs of the products and using seo on that to get traffic over the blog and more customers to business. companies will also hire bloggers.

14. SMS Marketing:- Attract people by showing new offers, new products, uses of products, about company though SMS.

15. Outbound Marketing:- Marketing going out to the audience with there products to know the audience mind set and interest or not is called outbound marketing.


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