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Learn Microsoft Word

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Different parts of the computer system:-
1. Monitor (or) Screen (or) Visual Display Unit (VDU).
2. Keyboard.
3. C.P.U > Central Processing Unit.
4. Mouse.

Keyboard keys:-
1. F1 to F12 ➡️ Function keys.
2. 0-to-9 ➡️ Number keys.
3. A to Z ➡️ Alphabet keys.
4. ESC or esc.
5. TAB and Space-bar.
     ⬇️               ⬇️ (2 space)      (1 space)
6. Home and End.
7. Delete and Backspace.

→ Single Click.
→ Double Click.
→ Click and Drag.
→ Backspace is used to remove letters present on left side of the courser.
→ Delete is used to remove letters which are present on the right side of the courser.

  Heart of a computer.
                 Brain of the computer.

Principle of the computer:-
          I           -            P          -            O

     (Input)             (Process)           (Output)

Hardware:- Which we can Touch and Feel.

Software:- The part which we can`t Touch and Feel.

Software has to types:-

1. System Software.
    EX:- Operating system.

2. Application Software.
    EX:- MS Office, Computer applications, Android applications, etc..,

Shortcuts of the Keyboard:-
↠ Alt+F ➡️ To open file menu.
↠ Alt+E ➡️ To open edit menu.
↠ Alt+O ➡️ To open format menu.
↠ Alt+H ➡️ To open Help.
↠ Alt+F4 ➡️ Directly close or Shutdown.
↠ Ctrl+N ➡️ New file.
↠ Ctrl+O ➡️ Existing file.
↠ Ctrl+S ➡️ Save.
↠ Ctrl+P ➡️ Print.
↠ Ctrl+C ➡️ Copy.
↠ Ctrl+V ➡️ Paste.
↠ Ctrl+X ➡️ Cut.
↠ Ctrl+Z ➡️ Undo.
↠ Ctrl+Y ➡️ Redo.
↠ Ctrl+A ➡️ To select entire data.

In notepad function key F5 is used to show Date and Time.

Word pad:-
Following features:-
1. It has extension of (.rtf) ( Rich Text Format)
2. Contains ribbons which are divided into two groups.
3. Three menu`s are present File, Home, and View.
4. File contains New, Open, Save, Save as, Print, Send in E-mail, About Word pad and Exist.
5. Home is a combination of Edit and format of Notepad.
6. Home contains the groups that is Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Insert and editing.
7. View contains zoom, Show or hide, and setting as groups.
8. File tab is also known as backstage view.
↠ Ctrl+B ➡️ Bold.
↠ Ctrl+U ➡️ Underline.
↠ Ctrl+I ➡️ Italic.
↠ Ctrl+L ➡️ Left a line.
↠ Ctrl+E ➡️ Center.
↠ Ctrl+R ➡️ Right.
↠ Ctrl+J ➡️ Justify.
↠ Ctrl+H ➡️ Replace.
↠ Ctrl+F ➡️ Find.

View menu:- Divided into three groups .
1. Zoom which contains zoom in, zoom out and 100%.
2. Is shown or hide which contains ruler and status-bar.
3. Setting contains word wrap and measurement unit.
4. Word wrap contains three options.

  •  No wrap.
  •  Wrap to window.
  •  Wrap to ruler.

5. measurement units are in inches, centimeter, point and pica's. but the default option is inches.

MS-Office:- Is released by Microsoft. It contains mainly Word, Excel, and Power-point. Word is used to create Documents (DOC or DOCX as Extension.

Excel is used for calculations, creating chats or graphs. In excel we create workbook. which contains many worksheets (XLX, XLSX).

Power-point:- Is used to create Presentation or Projects (ppt or ppx).

MS-Word:- contains a backstage view. Backstage view can be open by clicking on file menu. under the backstage.
View following options are present:-
  •  Info.
  •  New.
  •  Open.
  •  Save.
  •  Save as.
  •  Zip and Share.
  •  Print.
  •  Share.
  •  Export.
  •  Close.
  •  Account.
  •  Options.

Under info protect document:- Info is used to protect document. To protect document the option are mark as Final, Encrypt with password, Restrict editing, Restrict access and Add Digital signature.

Quick Access Tool Bar:- To access any tools quickly we use ▽. To open quick access tool bar.
    File    ⇾    Options   ⇾    Customize Quick Access Tool Bar.

Home:- Home ribbon are divided into following group`s.
Group 1:- Clipboard which contains Cut, Copy, Paste and Format painter.
Copy is used to copy data contains.
Format painting is used to copy only format.

Group 2:-
Font:- It contains Font family, Font size, Bold, Italic, Underline and also different types of Underline, Grow font and sink font, Change case, remove Formatting,  Apply shadow and Text effect, Marker and Font colors.

Change case:- There are five types of change case.
  • Sentence case.
  • Lower case.
  • Upper case.
  • Capitalize case.
  • Toggle case.

Under home tab we have a group called Paragraph. The paragraph group contains, Adding a bullets, Number, Multi-level list, Decrease indent, Increase indent, Sorting, Alignment, Line spacing, Fill and borders.

To Add Bullets:-
Home → Bullets → Chose the type of Bullets.
Home also contains editing group which contain Find & Replace & Select.

Insert:- It contains following groups, pages, tables, illustrations, links, header and footer, text and symbols.

Pages group is used to add cover page, Additional blank pages and page breaks.
Tables is used to insert tables and draw tables.

When we select the tables then, the table tools are seen which contains two tabs. Design and Layout.

Illustration:- The group contain pictures, clip-art, shapes, smart-arts, (includes, creation of piramites, hierarchy, relationships list etc..,).
It also includes charts and inserting the screenshots.
Hyperlinks can be seen under links group.

Header & footer:- This group is use to add header and footer as well as page numbers to the page. Header and footer can be same or different for pages.
Under text groups we find text box, quick parts, word art, drop cop, signature line, date and time object.
Last group under insert is symbols which include equation & symbol.


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