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Website traffic is very important to get the adsense approval and earn money from it. There are number of way by which you can get the large amount of traffic to your website, but got an very easy and time saving way by which you can get unlimited traffic to your website for free that is

       is the a website where you can post your articles by coping from the website where your article's are, and you will get unlimited traffic from the world wide. Because the has the very large traffic, it has very large amount of visitor/readers to search in the website, it has high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) and also very less SS (Spam Score) that is of 1% which is not a score.

How to use

1. Open your browser
2. In the search bar search for,what is,how to use, seo, hindi,mediumcom, kya hai, traffic,writing on,start a blog on, nasıl kullanılır,starting a blog on, tutorial in hindi, da yazı yayınlamak,how to make money on,how to earn money on, se paise kaise kmaye, affiliate marketing, step by step tutorial

3. Click on get started.
4. Now you will see this page, as shown below

5. Now signup with anyone you want to signup
6. After clicking on any one, it will ask you to enter the user name and password of gmail or facebook or email.
7. After entering it will load for 30 to 40 sec and then open the home page

8. Now click on write a story symbol in the left side of the page above your account logo.
9. Write a short post with the heading and image and add the link of the page of your website and publish it and your done
10. Now, it will get the traffic to your website.

This is the very easy method to gain large amount of customers and visitors to your website and businesses.

For more ways to get traffic to website comment in the comment box.

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