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Top youtube channels you can create and earn 4 to 5 lacs per month

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Youtube is the secound largest search engine of the internet. You can earn from youtube by creating channel and posting videos on youtube. Youtube is the best platform for making money online.

Check the below types of youtube channels yopu can create and earn money from it.

1. Vloging:- Create vlogs and upload it to the youtube channel. Blogs are of many types
        1. Personal Vlog:- Create videos on your own life, that what are you doing, what are you going to do, what's happen today, what's happen yesterday, how you are in public places, etc....
        2. Travelling Vlog:- If you are traveler and you like to travel, then you can create videos on you experience and what are you experiencing while travelling and upload to the youtube channel.

2. Technology Channel:- You can explain about technology, Gadgets, reviews, and also you can educate people in technology fields.

3. Food Tasting or Food Review:- Create a channel on food tasting and eat the varieties of food and explain it in the video's

4. Education:- Create a channel of education and start educating what you know, you can teach lessons, you can tech english, you can teach spoken english, teach computer, sell your courses etc....

5. Yoga:- Create yoga channel and teach yoga to the people, how to grow weight, how loose weight, what is the perfect diet etc....,

6. Gym:- If you are a body builder or you are interested in bodybuilding and you have all the knowledge then, you can create the videos on the bodybuilding, work outs, exercises, proteins, which protein you have to take and which you should not use, side effects of proteins, the best diet to the beginners etc....,

7. Topics:- Create a youtube channel and explain the tranding topics, this will get lots of views and subscribers and more money

8. Spoof:- Creating Spoofs and upload on the channel

9. Film Indusries:- You can tell people about upcoming movies of any actor and actresses, you can tell about them, you can tell where they went and and where they planning to go and what they are doing their day to day life and their life style etc.....,

10. Revealing about the fake:- You can reveal the the viral things on internet which are coming on the whatsapp, revealing the fake news and tell about the truth behind the fake things and news.

11. Challenge:- Create the challenge videos like, big pizza eating, non-stop cold drink drinking, spicy eating, dancing challenge, singing challenge and also you can challenge the audience and you can ask them to tell any challenge to create video on that etc.....,

12. Dancing tutorials:- Create videos of dancing steps to learn.

13. Products:- Create videos on products that which is best and which one should you buy and why you should by this product, from where you should by, what is the price of products, what are the uses of the products, what are the advantages and dis-advantages of the product etc....,

14. Software's:- Explain about the software's, which softer is best and which software should use for the particular work, advantages and dis-advantages of software's, why shoul you use only this software etc....,

15. Gaming:- Play games and upload to the channel, explain about games, explain about upcoming games, explain the best games to play, how to play the games, which gadget are to use to play high-end graphics games, gaming gadgets, games reviews etc.....

16. Book summary:- Explain the summary's of educational books, stories books, life books, motivational books etc....., because no one is interested to read books, every one wants to listen the books, because the listening is easier then reading.

17. Share Market (Stock Market):- Create videos on the share market and tell people about the stocks, which stock should by and which one is sell, when t buy and when to buy, how to buy best mutual fund, which app should use for stock market and mutual funds, how to start investing and which is the right place and right way etc.....,

18. Trending apps tutorials:- Create tutorial on the apps which are has very high downloads apps which are in million + download like 5 million downloads, 10 million download apps reviews and explanations.

19. Form submission:- Create and youtube channel and upload videos of various types of forms that how to fill this type of form.

20. Job vacancies:- Create job vacancies videos, that what type of job is this, what are the date of for applying this job, where is the job, what is actual categary of job, online jobs, government jobs, privat jobs, part time jobs etc....,

21. Business Ideas:- Share the ideas of business to grow the business. Share the new techniques to grow business

22. Motivation:- You can also create motivational channels and start motivating people and help them in there day to day life.

23. Digital Marketing:- Teach people that what is digital marketing and what is its uses and how to use it, how to create ads on facebook, how to create ads on instagram, how to create ads on google ads, how to find keywords, how to finds tags etc......,

24. Online Earning:- Tell the people about online earning from home and show the right way from where people can earn money by working from home.

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