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How to increase followers on Instagram Genuinely

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1. Change your Instagram account from basic to professional
2. Write the easily searchable username
3. Write the bio which should be attract to people
4. Add minimum of 10 stories each day
5. Post minimum 5 posts each day
6. Account should be minimum of 25 story highlights
7. Follow some famous Instagram account which matches to your account
8. Use hashtags to your posts
9. Use hashtags to your stories 
10. Mention some famous Instagram account to your posts
11. Mention some famous Instagram accounts to your stories
12. Upload questioning posts in your Instagram account
Hey! how was your day started and ended-?
What's the special today-?

If your account is of affiliate marketing, then
Hello! what is your opinion about this-?

If your account is of seo, then
hey, do you know the best way to perform seo-? I got it check in the profile link

13. Tag your followers to your posts and stories
14. Like the posts of others
15. Leave a comment on others posts
16. Create videos and upload to your Instagram account
17. Create Reels in your Instagram account

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