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Get Adsense Approval by checking that you post is unique or copied

Here is a website with the name Dupli Checker, This website will show you your post is unique or not. This website is free to use, but if you want more feature you will have to get subscription of it.

How to use Dupli Checker?

1. Write an article you want to post on your website.
2. Copy that article and visit Dupli Checker
3. Paste the article as shown in the below image

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4. Now scroll down and tick on i'am not a robot and then click on Check Plagiarism

5. Now it will scan your article by comparing on the all the posts on the internet and gives you a result that your article is copied or unique and how much percent is unique.

It is scanning in the below image.

Completed Scanning and the result is shown of your article

If you use this website and check your posts before you post, this will be remain very useful for your site to get lots of traffic and you will also get AdSense approval with no rejection and no suspension.

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