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Google Adsense Approval Process

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What is Google Adsense-?

Google Adsense is the platform by which people advertise on their websites and youtube channels for earning. It is the product of Google which is launched on 18th june 2003.

How to get the Google Adsense approval for your website-?

Just create you website and post some articles between 20 to 25 and get minimum 100 view per day on your website and the apply for adsense approval to advertise on your website.

1. Create website
2. Post 20 to 25 articles
3. Visit the official website of google adsense and create an account.
4. Submit you blog or website to the adsense for approval.
5. After approval you get you need to provide your id card issued by government like aadhaar card, pan card, driving license, voter id, any one id you have to submit and your earning will start.

Why your website not getting approval-?

If your not getting approval of adsense that means you website or blog has issues. Check it down why your not getting adsense approval.

1. Your website or blog has very less posts, it should be minimum of 20 to 25 posts.
2. You posts has less content. In your article there should be minimum of 500 words.
3. Your website or blog has copied content. You should not copy the content or photos from the internet. Your article should be original.
4. Your articles are not in proper format. Your article should have proper format to read and find easily.
5. You website or blog loading speed should be fast.
6. Your website or blog theme should be compatible with the desktop and mobile version. It should be crystal clear whether it is opened on desktop or mobile phones.
7. Your blog or website should be added to Google Search Console and added site map.
8. Your blog or website should be added to google analytics.
9. Your blog or website should must have Disclaimer tab, Privacy Policy tab, About tab, Contact Us tab.
10. Your blog or website should have your social media links.
11. Your blog or website should be seo optimized.
12. In your blog or website there should be JPG images only


Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Check your article is original or copied:-
Create your own photos or edit to use:-

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