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Types of Operating System

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Batch Operating System

The batch operating system will submit the similar work together in a single batch, in this operating system user won't interact directly with the computer system.

Here in the above figure, there is five people working on different jobs in which 2 are working on seo and 3 are working on c++, operator will take the work done by people and create batches of same jobs in one and then it will end to cpu for execute.

Advantage of Batch operating System

If you have large file and its take too much time to execute then the best option is to use Batch Operating System. It is very useful for large files.

Dis-advantage of Batch Operating System

After the job is submitted to the operator and it has created batch, then the user don't have any interaction to it.

Time Sharing Operating System

Time Sharing Operating System is works on time sharing concept. In this operating system cpu will provide the same time period to each and every process to complete it's task whether it is a long process or short process, it provide same time limit to all the process.

In this operating system cpu will give same time to all the 6 process, no matter that any process is taking 20 seconds. But, if the process of process 5 is completed in 3 seconds then the remaining time will be divided to the other processes.

Advantage of Time Sharing Operating System

If the process is completed in less then given time period then the remaining time will increases on the other tasks

Dis-advantage of Time Sharing Operating System

In this operating system some times there is a data communication problem will occur.

Distributed Operating System

When many computers are connected to each other by a network to share their tasks is called Distributed Operating System.

All the computer's will able to share the their data and tasks to each other very easily, but they can't share hardware's.

Advantage of Distributed Operating System

If one computer has very high load of work then it will divide and share the task to the other computer in the network.

Dis-advantage of Distributed Operating System

If the computers connected to the network and if the network will fail then the communication will be broken between the computers.

Network Operating System

Network Operating System has a server which is connected to all the computer and also connected to the clients computer, So the data, files and other resources are easily shared to all the computers from the server which is connected. Server will provide storage, Backups and Security.

In this Operating System the server will take the data from one computer and send to the another computer who need that data, but they can't share any of the hardware's.

Advantage of Network Operating System

The this operating system server provides the securities, backups and storage, we only need to upgrade the Server Machine

Dis-Advantage of Network Operating System

If server is crashed then the entire network will be fail automatically.

Real Time Operating System

Real Time operating System is very useful if you want to get quick and every second time to time response. It is used in hospitals to know the current condition of the patients, in Operations and also used in air bases for time to time rocket or missile information. CPU provide its maximum effort to its tasks to get the results quicker.

Advantage of Real Time Operating System

Real Time Operating System is as powerful as it gives the very quick response of the task. It is mainly used in NASA, ISRO, Scientific Engineering and many more bigger organizations.

Dis-advantage of Real Time Operating System

It is very costly, Because it's response time is very fast.

Real Time Operating System has two types:-

        1. Hard Real Time Operating System
        2. Soft Real Time Operating System

Multi-Processing Operating System

For one computer system there is more then one CPU, whether it is 3, 4, 5 or more is called Multi- Processing Operating System.


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