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Components of Computer

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There are five major components of computer:-
                1. Input Unit
                2. Output Unit
                3. Control Unit
                4. Arithmetic and Logical Unit (ALU)
                5. Storage Unit/Primary Storage

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main brain of the computer. All the processing of a computer is done by the Cpu.
        There are four major parts of the CPU
                1. Output Unit
                2. Control Unit
                3. Storage Unit/Primary Storage
                4. Arithmetic and Logical Unit

1. What is Input Unit-?

Input Unit means from where user can input the data and instructions and input device transform it in to binary language which computer can understand and transfer it to computer.
                                Input Devices are:-

                What is Binary Language-?

                Binary Language is the language of computer, It consist of only zero's and ones
                For example:- if you want to write (Amit) in binary language then it should be like 01100001011011010110100101110100
                                     if you want to write (Computer) in binary language, then it should be like 0110001101101111011011010111000001110101011101000110010101110010

2. What is Output Unit-?

Output Unit means from where you get result of what you have instructed from input device to the computer.
                                Output Devices are:-
                                 Sound Card
                                 Video Card

3. What is Control Unit-?

Control Unit is the only component which controls all the things and components of the computer, That on which time which part of computer should be enable/disable, which output should send to where where to moniter or printer or to some other output device.

4. What is Arithmetic and Logical Unit-?

In Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Arithmetic means Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Logic means Less then (<), Greater then (>), equal to (=), Less then equal to (<=), Greater then equal to (>=), etc....., This type of process is done by Arithmetic and Logical unit.

5. What is Memory Unit-?

Memory unit is the place where all the data of the computer is stored, Memory unit is also called as primary memory, because it is a memory which is present in the CPU cabinet. In the memory unit there is two types of memory.
                There are:-
                    1. Random Access Memory (RAM):- This is used to short time storage space, means it only stores currently running or working data to get easy accessible to the user.

                    2. Read Only memory (ROM):- This is used to store the data for long time and hold the software's, which can be access at anytime you want or hold it.

What is External Memory-?

External Memory is present out side of the CPU cabinet which is Hard disk, CD, DVD, Pen drive etc...,

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