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Earn Money Online Using Blogger and Adsense


There is lots of ways by which you can earn money online. But there are for short term income and also some are fake. But blogger is the website from google where you can create your own blog for free, you can also call it as website if you have added domain to it.

How you can earn from it?

First you have to create account on blogger and post contents.
Then get visitor on your blog.
Once visitors are visiting to your blog, then you can apply to adsense and submit your blog to it.
After submission your blog will be reviewed by the adsense team.
After reviewing they decide that your blog is approved or dis-approved.
If in the case your blog is approved you will start earning 20k - 30k per month and it will increase as increasing visitors to your blog.

How to create blogger account?

Creating blogger account is very simple, just visit and click on create account, it will asks for your e-mail id, just type your e-mail and create password and your blogger account is created.
                After creating account it will ask you to type a name for your blog, after that you will be asked for type your blog url, just type and hit on create blog and your blog is created.

How to write content posts on blog?

Open your blogger account.
Click on create post or new post, That will open a page where you can write your content.
In that page, write the title of your content in the title bar.
And then come down and write the heading of your content. (Heading should be bold and also select the heading written by you and click on normal or paragraph you can see on the top left side and select the heading option).
Now, add an image related to your content. Yo can add more images if you like to, but on image in one post is compulsory. (Images should be created by your own, if you copy fro existing images of the internet, that will won't work).
Now start writing your selected topic content. (Add sub-headings).
After completed of writing content, in the top right side, below the publish button and label for your content as suitable to your content.
For Example:- If your content is about game your label should be game, if your content is about computers your label should be computers.
Now below that description, write description for your post, it will show below the search results in the search engine.
Now publish it. and there your one post is completed
Now make minimum of 25 to 30 posts to get on the next step.

Submit your blog or website to Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console is also the product of Google. This website will crawl your blog posts and get your posts on Google Search Engine.
                Create an account of Google search Console and add your blog or website to it for crawling. But only adding of your blog or website to it will won't work, you should also add sitemap after adding your blog or website to Google Search Console. Create your blog or websites sitemap for here -- and after generating your sitemap copy and paste it in the sitemap section of your Google Search Console and submit it. It will take some time or some days to crawl your site and after crawling is completed it will index your site and posts to the Google Search Results.

Add your blog or website to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the website from where you receive your payments, from this website you will add ads to your blog or website.
                Visit this website called Google Adsense and create your account on it by providing your Mail Address, Home Address, Name, Contact Details and after creating now sign-in to your account and submit your blog or websites URL in the sites section of Google Adsense, now the adsense team will review your site, this will take few days and after approved they will leave a mail message to your mail address which you have provided while sign-up. After receiving that message you will start earning and after you have earn 10$ in your adsense account, they will send an OTP (One Time Password) to your home address, that OTP you have to enter into your adsense account, after entering that otp you should submit your payment details with your bank account in the payment section, then you will start getting your payments your bank account every month end of date 23rd to 29th.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the very very important to your blog or website.
Thank you, for Visiting

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