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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means marketing throw the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu, Duck Duck Go, etc..., By using search engines we can market our products to the people over the world where we need.

How can we market by Search Engines?
Every search engines has there own ads systems, campaigns by which we can customize our products, business, websites that how to show on the search engines, whether to show banner ads, video ads, etc..,

Search engine marketing is work only on the consept of two thing they are PPC and CPC. It has daily budget. means we can pay daily not monthly.
PPC = Pay Per Click.
CPC = Cost Per Click.

PPC and CPC both are the same thing only names are different.

How does PPC and CPC works on search engines?

Imagine we have taken Google as the advertiser to our business on the google. Google advertising site name is "Google Ads". now, we have to created an account of google ads. and we have to select our ad type and customize how to show and what to show. For that firstly we need to search for best keyword for our business from the keyword planners. (Recommended keyword planner is "Google Keyword Planner") and after searching keywords take the help of "Google Trends" to check how much traffic we can get on that keyword per day, per week, per year and to know the search traffic on that keyword in the previous periods.

Now after doing these all the things create your ad and pay your budget. the work is done. now if your keyword is digital marketing in the ads you shown then, on that search engine if anyone will search for digital marketing, the search engine will first show your website or business on the top of the search page.

Google Ads
Google Keywords Planner
Google Trends

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